Part number: # 107780
 Released: Nov. 22, 2019
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Professional fully-adjustable droop gauge to check the droop of the suspension downtravel in range 80~140mm. Great for quick and instant droop check directly on ready-to-race car with no other set-up equipment needed.

This is the more professional version to the traditional droop gauge featuring an adjustable slider.

The gauge is inserted on the nut that holds the shock on the shock tower and using the ruler on the gauge measure the distance to the center of the screw that mounts the shock absorber to the suspension arm. The adjustable slider allows to set the measured length on one side of the car and exactly duplicate it on the other side.

To adjust the droop adjust the downstop screws as needed or adjust the length of the shock absorbers.

CNC-machined from premium-quality aluminum, black coated and laser engraved with a precision scale. Compatible with all 1/8 and 1/10 off-road cars. A must have tool for every serious racer.

May not fit some 1/8 truggies.

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Click here to see video how to use HUDY droop gauge by Ty Tessmann.