Part number: # 101400
 Released: Jan. 01, 2002
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Main features:
• comm lathe for modified motors
• black hard-anodized surface
• selected stands with ball-bearing guides (Hudy patent) and plastic clips for armature
• stands keyed to common channel for perfect alignment
• revolutionary belt drive system which spins the armature through a middle shaft, and results in vibration-free cut and slave motor extended life
• ultra-fine pitch lead screw for super-accurate tool movement
• super-accurate backlash limitation of the tool block and supports ensures vibration-free movement
• installed slave motor, connection cable, switch box
• engraved unique ID
• all accessories included

Optional #101408 Stock Motor Holder Set will convert this comm lathe into a stock lathe that will allow you to:

1. cut modified motors
2. cut sealed stock motors
3. break in motors

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• installed slave motor with connection to 4.8V DC source (4x1.2V battery pack)
• installed switch box, connection cable
• adjustable back stop screw with small purple wheel
• glued anti-vibration pads eliminate all vibrations
• handy carrying case
• drive belts
• shims for tool height adjustment
• motor anti-vibration washer
• 3 hex-wrenches for lathe adjustment
• cutting tool not included - #101081 Diamond Cutting Tool is recommended
• don't forget to check out recommended option parts

Hudy Comm Lathes have become synonymous with the most advanced, high-tech comm lathes world-wide. What makes Hudy Comm Lathes superior is the philosophy used in their design, development, and test and production phases. To design our lathes, our engineers use the most advanced 3D CAD system to ensure the best possible performance. Then, computer controlled CNC machines produce the parts to highly accurate specs from high-tech alloys. Next, those parts are assembled by our specifically trained technicians, who then tune these lathes to final factory specifications. As a result, the customer receives, right out of the box, the most advanced, precise, and efficient comm lathe.


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This lathe comes with ball-bearing guides but it is also available with ultra-hardened steel "V" guides.
Do not know which type to purchase? Read the FAQ.

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Revolutionary belt drive system spins the armature through a middle shaft, and results in vibration-free cut and slave motor extended life.

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A fine pitch thread is used on the feed screw; one graduation on the feed knob corresponds to a 0,01 mm movement of the tool bit, all this without backlash.

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Surface of the supports is treated to ensure smooth movement of the tool block.
It is possible to easily and precisely adjust the movement of the cutting tool operating wheel. Tighten or loosen the adjustment screw in the left side of the tool head, which adjusts the pressure on the plastic insert-pad, resulting in fine control of the tightness of tool head movement.

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Accurate adjustment of stand positioning.
Stands are produced in pairs to ensure 100% similarity, and are both keyed into a common channel to ensure perfect alignment. Plastic clips for armature are included as standard accessories.

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New small wheel for backstop adjustment.

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Revolutionary armature axial support. Shaft spins between three ball bearings in Axial Support - no vibrations whatsoever!
#101900 Hudy Axial Support available as option only. A "must have" option for professional cutting.