Part number: # 293576
 Released: Oct. 30, 2012
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New HUDY progressive springs marked 0.68–0.76 are soft at the beginning of the compression (similar to hardness 0.68) but become harder as the spring is compressed more in the middle, with hardness 0.76 at the end. Marked with TWO stripes for easy identification. Set of 2.

Ultimate high-performance racing springs give you additional precision tuning options for your racing car! Developed through extensive testing and racing experience, these racing springs were designed and precision-crafted to have a more progressive rate than standard racing springs. As the car enters the corner the spring is softer which generates more grip but as soon the car inclines the springs get stiffer and the higher corner speed is achieved.

Available as a pair, the springs are individually measured, controlled, inspected and matched to provide identical damping characteristics. During the selection process, each spring is compressed in several fine increments and the values are recorded. Each spring is then matched with another spring of identical characteristics. HUDY goes the extra mile to ensure perfect spring match-ups, giving your car the predictability and consistency that you need to help you lead the pack.