Part number: # 140201
 Released: Sep. 21, 2007
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Type: Torx Replacement Tip

Tip size: T20
Tip length: 120mm

Replacement tip for #140080 Torx Screwdriver 8 x 120 mm (T8). Torx head screws are becoming increasingly popular, as their design inherently resists cam-out (the tendency for a bit to twist out of the fastener slot when tightened) better than Phillips head screws, and resists rounding out the screw slot much better than hex slot screws.

• new unique HUDY Torx screwdriver tip specially designed to fit the very special and increasingly popular Torx screws
• CAD-designed tips designed to precisely fit the fastener to prevent stripping
• tips are hand made from special world-renowned, top-secret, self-developed HUDY Spring Steel™ to provide long life, excellent torsion, and everlasting shape
• HUDY, the world’s best RC tools… often imitated but never duplicated