Part number: # 107703
 Released: Sep. 18, 2007

Replaced by Chassis Droop Gauge Support Blocks 30mm 1/8 Off-Road - LW (2) 

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Proper chassis droop is a critical yet frequently overlooked set-up feature of modern 1/8 off-road cars and truggies. It is essential for proper handling of the car to get balanced down travel on each side of the suspension and as such HUDY is the first RC company to develop and produce the first purposefully-designed 1/8 Off-road large-size droop gauge support blocks.

Using the support blocks is super easy. Simply remove the tires from your buggy and using flat HUDY Set-up Board #108202 put the car chassis on the support blocks; place the front support block below the servo saver, and place the rear support block below the rear suspension mounting. Using the #107711 HUDY Chassis Droop Gauge with elevated scales, measure the droop under the wheel axle hex. Use the downstop screws to alter the suspension droop on each side of the car; the shocks should extend out far enough that they do not limit the suspension arm movement. Ensuring equal and proper suspension droop will allow the car to achieve a proper traction level and weight transfer depending on track conditions. Please refer to your's car set-up book to learn more about how to adjust the droop of your buggy.

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chassis droop gauge support blocks (30mm) for 1/8 off-road cars
allows adjustment of front/rear droop when used with #107711 HUDY Chassis Droop Gauge
CNC-machined, made of high-quality lightweight duraluminum
inside of the gauges additionally machined to minimize wall thickness and reduce unnecessary weight without compromising strength or durability
black elox-coating for smooth, long-lasting finish and stylish look
laser engraved with HUDY logo
2 pieces in a set