Part number: # 183010
 Released: Jan. 01, 2002
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   Product was discontinued! 

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• special tool for assembling XRAY and Serpent shock absorbers
• lightweight, hardcoated duraluminum
• high quality and long life

This unique tool in the line of HUDY Professional Tools is the perfect tools for assembling XRAY or Serpent shock absorbers. The tool has two tabs that fit precisely into the grooves in the bottom nylon shock cap. Use the tool to help you push and twist the cap onto the shock body...simple! Made from lightweight, hardcoated duraluminum for durability and long life.

HUDY proudly presents its line of Professional Tools, the world’s largest line of professional RC tools. HUDY tools, used by all RC factory teams and champions, are the first and best RC tools… imitated by others, but never duplicated!
Our engineers have designed a perfect-fit, ultra-lightweight tool that offers exceptional torque, comfortable use, and long life. All HUDY products are solely developed and designed by HUDY, the leader in innovation and design. All tools are manufactured from highest-quality materials for unmatched strength and durability. Special care is taken through production to ensure that each product is 100% perfect, and ready to use right out of the box. Total quality management is of prime importance through design to final production, and the result is superior, professional quality tools that are second to none.

“Without question, HUDY’s Pro Wrenches are among the best R/C tools we have ever used.”

“New line of HUDY tools are the best I’ve seen.”
(Steve Pond, RC CAR ACTION)

Hudy is confident that this unique professional tool will make your RC life much easier, and quickly become one of your favourite tools because of its perfect quality, fit, and extraordinary lifespan.