Part number: # 109300
 Released: Jan. 01, 2002

Replaced by Universal Exclusive Set-up System for 1/10 Touring Cars 

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Set-up System for all 1/10 touring cars: Fits all 1/10 nitro and electric touring cars.

Set-up system is used for adjustment of:
• camber & camber intake
• caster
• toe-in/out
• steering throw symmetry

Main features:
• quick and straight-forward assembly/disassembly
• accurate adjustments, totally backlash-free mounting
• adjustable, bearing-mounted, prism-shaped set-up stands
• high-quality engraving on plexiglass allows instant, reliable readings
• the scientific approach to chassis tuning

Having the best car setup is one of the most important factors in winning races. The Hudy Set-Up System is the best and most popular set-up tool in the RC world!

Precision-machined, high-quality plexiglass material allows very easy and accurate setup of your car, whether it is on-road, off-road, electric or gas powered, for every scale.

The whole system is very small, light, and well designed for comfortable and fast transport, and “one screw assembly.” The engraved scales and markings are easy to read, and all parts move very freely due to precision bearings.

All Hudy Set-Up Systems allow you to comfortably and easily measure and adjust camber & camber intake, caster, toe-in/out, and steering throw symmetry.


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High-quality engraving provides instant and reliable readings.

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Steering throw symmetry adjustment.

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Front and rear toe-in/out adjustment.

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Caster adjustment.

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Precise camber adjustment is important to ensure even tire wear and traction.

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The set-up system consists of:
4 wheel plates (square)
4 camber gauges (triangular)
1 toe gauge plate

Assembly/disassembly is very quick and straightforward.

Please note the 1/10 Touring Car Set-up System you have purchased now includes only ONE universal upper toe-in plate, instead of the two pictured in catalogs.

The included upper toe-in plate will enable you to comfortably and easily measure the front and rear toe-in on all traditional 1/10 electric and nitro touring cars.

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