HUDY is known world-wide as the producer of high-end products for rc gas, rc electric, and slot cars. The mark of excellence is the elegant HUDY design in combination with the high-end quality material.


HUDY factory


HUDY is a modern company with a 27 year tradition in the production of racing cars and slot cars as well as accessories for all model cars. HUDY company is presently focused mainly on production of steel and duraluminium parts - components for the Dutch company SERPENT.
The most advanced products are successfully used in the most advanced RC gas cars: Serpent Vector and Serpent Impact.

HUDY is focused on the development, designing, and production of professional products for rc gas/electric and slot cars:
> tire truers
> comm lathes
> professional set-up systems
> unique wrenches
> misc. stuff

What makes the HUDY products so known world-wide and why HUDY products are used by all world champions but also home racers? First it is the quality. To design our products, our engineers use the most advanced available 3D CAD system to ensure the best possible performance. Then, from high-tech alloys, our computer controlled machines produce the parts to higly accurate specs. Next, those parts are put together by our specifically trained technicians, who finally end up by tuning all products to final factory specifiactions. As a result, the customer will get, right out of the box, the most advanced, accurate, and high-end products available - HUDY adrenaline charged products.