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#293085 HUDY Pure Tungsten Weight Thin Round 15mm with M3 - 10g

Precision machined 10g pure tungsten chassis weight.

Specially designed and machined round weight that is mounted to the chassis via screw that ensures the weight will not fall out. The lower area of the weight is specially machined so there is a minimum contact surface between the weight and chassis to eliminate and influence on the chassis flex.

The weight is smaller than the brass weights and is easier to install with a cleaner layout. The super small weight results in lower CG comparing to standard weights.

Produced from very rare and heavy pure tungsten material, not a typical tungsten mixture. The pure tungsten has the highest density structure and is the heaviest metal material which allows to design smallest size weights comparing to any other materials.

Marked with weight value for easy identification.

Dimensions: 15mm diameter, height 3mm.

- Very rare pure tungsten material
- Highest density
- Heaviest metal material
- Results in lower CG
- Smallest size
- Available as 5g, 10g, 15g & 20g alternative