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Paul Lemieux chooses HUDY
Multi-time US champion and one of the best world???s RC car on-road drivers Paul Lemieux started his serious RC racing career in 1996, only one year after his first contact with radio controlled car, his brother???s Traxxas Blue Eagle.

Beginnings at that time were not easy. Lack of tools and not precise production of cars brought Paul a lot of troubles. ???Before things were not made well or did not fit so precisely, you had to make ways to assemble the car to work on the track. Now you are mainly focused on processes to do everything in order and turn your attention to every small details. And with this HUDY tools and equipment can help you the most.???

Thanks to help of his mother, his RC idols like Scotty Ernst, Jim Dieter and other racers, Paul was able to capitalize on his talent and took wins in many national and international races including electric and nitro on-road US Championships. Despite his winning attitude Paul has learned that to deal well with loosing or disappointment is important if one wants to enjoy RC. ???There can be only one winner and everyone else is butt hurt, I like to think that sometimes I am the least butt hurt of all the losers and still can have a good time in defeat.???

And what are other things that can help Paul to enjoy RC and improve his car? ???HUDY set-up station and HUDY ride height gauge are my picks. These products every driver must have to set-up his car well. And with quality, durability and precision of HUDY it is easy to decide where to search.???

Paul Lemieux is HUDY