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In 1994 this talented and famous RC “Iron man” had started with RC racing, when, by coincidence, he started to attend RC club instead of swimming lessons. RC racings were becoming more and more serious and 4 years ago Jan decided to focus his free time for RC cars and RC racing. Up to now he has collected dozens of trophies including multiple national and international trophies. Jan is also crowned as the first RC formula European Champion. Jan has been using HUDY products since the beginning of his career to keep reaching higher and higher goals.

Jan does not forget that RC cars and RC racing are just a hobby for him and he wants to have fun and enjoy as much track time as possible. He realizes how important it is to have a perfect prepared RC car in a high competition racing. To combine as much track time as possible and a perfect prepared car, from time to time, he needs to work on his car even during lunch breaks. “For sure HUDY tools & equipment can speed up preparations. And for the money you spend you get the best long-life and high-quality product on the market.”

And what is Jan’s most favorite HUDY product? “There are so many products that can easier your life. Every driver needs to check his set-up very accurately now, therefore HUDY set-up station is a must. Anyway, one of my favorites is a battery tape.”

Jan Ratheisky is HUDY