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One of the best Czech off-road RC drivers, the regular EOS A-main Finalist and multiple Czech Champion Kaja Novotny, is using HUDY tools & accessories because he simply loves it.

Kaja has been racing since 8. He started when his father’d bought him a toy RC car from an RC exhibition in Prague. Kaja’s talent was obvious since the beginning. It didn’t take long and Kaja has become a sponsored RC driver. At that time his father together with HUDY tools & accessories were taking care of his cars, but as Kaja had started with more and more classes he understood that his father is not able to handle it all. He also realized that if he wanted to win, he needed to know more about the cars and the right set-up. “My lack of knowledge about set-ups cost me some important wins. So after one such loss I decided to learn this “set-up magic”. I took HUDY set-up book and learned every single detail and tested it on my home track to see the differences in the car’s behavior.”

Nowadays it is Martin Bayer who is his set-up mentor and who helps him to perfect his cars 100%. “When you set up a car, you need to be precise and you mustn´t be lazy. Check everything from ball bearing up to geometry of an RC car… If you want to take the win you have to do maximum for it in the pits.“ And why is he using HUDY and what are the pros of HUDY tools & equipment for him? “I have been using HUDY tools since having my first car and never had a single problem. The quality, perfect look, and precision is unmatched.“

The driver, who learnt that importance of the right set-up car is crucial, hard work usually pays of and knowledge about a car separates winners from losers, chooses HUDY.

Kaja Novotny is HUDY