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Olly Jefferies chooses HUDY
What is the key to success of RC car Champions? Is it only talent, dedication or preparation? Or is there also something else?

Multiple UK champion, European Championship podium finisher and one of the best UK RC drivers nowadays Olly Jefferies who for sure has all of these attributes, tells you that it certainly is not only about them. „Sure it is a mixture of everything but even though we (RC drivers) are able to drive well, we can't do anything without a good RC car. Everything about the RC car has an effect so this is why you should go into the smallest details to make sure it's as best it can be and for this you need high standard equipment.“

Starting with his RC racing career in the past millennium, Olly, as well as many other drivers at their beginnings, had struggled with knowledge of a right set-up. But there was an easy solution for his problems. „Asking other people for help and trying to learn. In RC the best thing you can do is ask for help, you can't buy experience.”

For the first couple of years he, together with his dad, found out that HUDY is the best brand not only for setting up his RC cars. “HUDY products allow me to build, prepare and carry around all my equipment to the highest standard. For me, HUDY is the only option for RC tools and RC equipment as anything else would be a second rate.”

Olly Jefferies is HUDY