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Today I have the pleasure of bringing you some of HUDY’s quality RC tools. We’ll be looking at four different components each sold by HUDY. Here is what we’ll look at today.

Limited edition tool set with carrying bag (190005)
Set up board for 1/10th touring cars (108201)
1/10th touring car stand (108150)
1/10th touring car set up tools with carrying bag (108256)

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1. HUDY Limited Edition Tool Set (190005)
The HUDY limited edition tool set is snuggled inside a beautifully made carry bag. The quality of the bag appears to be top notch. The tight seams and lack of loose threads are encouraging to see. A zipper secures the inner contents and a rubber finger pull makes it comfortable to zip and unzip.

The tools are all tightly held in place in a neatly laid out fashion. The case binder is reinforced by a padded inner cover and the HUDY logo pops with its brightly colored design in the background.

Included – 190005 HUDY Limited Edition Tool Set with Carrying Bag:
HUD107601 Limited Edition Reamer for Body 0-9mm + Cover – Small
HUD107643 Limited Edition Arm Reamer HUD 3.0mm
HUD107644 Limited Edition Arm Reamer HUD 4.0mm
HUD111545 Limited Edition Allen Wrench 1.5mm
HUD112045 Limited Edition Allen Wrench 2.0mm
HUD112545 Limited Edition Allen Wrench 2.5mm
HUD113045 Limited Edition Allen Wrench 3.0mm
HUD132045 Limited Edition Ball Allen Wrench 2.0mm
HUD153055 Limited Edition Slotted Screwdriver 3.0mm – Long
HUD154055 Limited Edition Slotted Screwdriver for Engine 4.0mm
HUD164045 Limited Edition Phillips Screwdriver HUD 4.0mm
HUD165045 Limited Edition Phillips Screwdriver HUD 5.0mm
HUD175535 Limited Edition Socket Driver HUD 5.5mm
HUD177035 Limited Edition Socket Driver HUD 7.0mm
HUD181030 Turnbuckle Tool 3.0mm
HUD181040 Turnbuckle Tool 4.0mm
HUD181050 Turnbuckle Tool 5.0mm
HUD199011 HUDY Carrying Bag Small

So what makes HUDY tools so special is their super secret spring steel formula and process. It’s super strong with just enough spring to keep it from being brittle. The Limited edition tools have some extra steps that were taken including drilling holes into the handles for better grip and lighter weight. If you like to store extra screws in the handles of your tools, I recommend checking out HUDY’s regular edition tool sets, without lightened handles.

When I first looked at the allen drivers, I couldn’t find the markings that designate tool size. I thought I had looked everywhere until it finally jumped out at me. The tool sizes are actually designated by the number of machined banning found on the handle. A 2mm Allen driver has two large machined bands on the handle. a 2.5mm has two large and one small (1/2) band. A 3mm driver has three large bands. That’s a nice touch to help the user quickly locate the right sized tool needed for the job.

The tooltips are precisely machined and fit into screw heads perfectly. They don’t seem to bind and there isn’t much play inside the screw head. This precision fit should help avoid stripped screws and also help the tools to last longer.

I was excited to see HUDY include two flathead and two phillips head screwdrivers in the tool set as well. With most vehicles going to allen head screws, we sometimes forget the importance of standard slotted and phillips head drivers. One of the flat head screwdrivers is the perfect size for tuning a nitro carburetor, and I know I’ll use the phillips heads assembling some Tamiya kits. Lol.

It’s nice to have such a complete tool set in one easy to carry, high-quality carry bag. These are top quality tools that I expect to last a long time.

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2. HUDY small Set-up Board (108201):
The HUDY set up board (108201) is the perfect size for 1/10th inroad touring cars and also works well for 1/10th buggy. The board is rigid and includes a washable surface for easy cleanup. The edges are durable plastic and a colorful HUDY sticker livens it up a bit.

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3. HUDY 1/10th Touring Car Stand (108150):
The HUDY 1/10th touring car stand is make from a single piece of bent aluminum and includes foam padding on the top surface. Four rubber feet are secured in place by screws, that utilize washers. These washers will keeps the screw from pulling through the rubber feet. The surface of the stand has four holes drilled out and labeled for working on your shocks. The labels help ensure you won’t get your shocks mixed up while filling with oil.

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4. HUDY 1/10th Touring Car Set up Tools Set with Carry Case (108256):
Like the HUDY limited edition tool set, the 1/10th touring car setup tool set is neatly packaged inside a very high quality carry bag. The craftsmanship is very tight and there is also a rubber finger pull for easy zipper operation. A reinforced carry handle makes for easy transport of the setup tool set.

Included – 108256 HUDY 1/10th Touring Car Set-up Tools with Carrying Bag:
199220 – HUDY 1/10 & 1/12 Set-up System Bag
109305 – Universal Exclusive Set-up System for 1/10 Touring Cars
107904 – Quick Tweak Station
109370 – Aluminum Set-up Wheel for 1/10 Touring Cars (4)
107702 – Chassis Droop Gauge Support Blocks for 1/10 (2)
107712 – Chassis Droop Gauge -3 to 10 mm for 1/10 (10 mm)
107714 – Ultra-Fine Chassis Droop Gauge 4.0-6.6mm
107716 – Ultra-Fine Chassis Ride Height Gauge 3.8-8.0mm
107750 – HUDY Graphite Quick Camber Gauge 1.5°; 2°; 2.5°
108060 – Aluminum Nut for Set-up Triangle (4)
107880 – Chassis Balancing Tool (2)
109360 – Aluminum Nut for 1/10 Touring Set-up System (4)

The HUDY 1/10th touring car set-up tool set comes with all the set-up tools needed to tune you 1/10th touring car. I must clarify, the limited edition tool set at the top of this article, stand, and set-up board are all sold separately and are not included with the set-up tool set. Please refer to the links at the bottom of this article to find these items on Amain Performance Hobbies.

The quality of the set-up tools kit is incredible. The aluminum components are precision machined and the polished edges look great against the black coating. The four discs are to be used when setting up 1/10th touring cars that run rubber tires. Each aluminum disc mounts directly in place of the tire/wheel and has a rubber surface to keep it in place while tuning the chassis and suspension. Four textured finger nuts make swapping the wheel discs and camber gauges easy. There is much performance tuning that can be done using this system, here is a list of what can be checked and tuned.

Ride Height
Camber Rise
Steering Throw Symmetry
One of the coolest features about this kit over others on the market, is its in depth instruction manual, which goes over not only how to set different components, but also why you should adjust them and the effects of doing so. So you don’t have to be a pro touring car driver to get the full benefits of this set-up kit. You can be some one who has zero experience in touring cars and want to dive right in. Well, this kit and instructions will help you do just that.

Setting Camber and Toe:
Using the camber gauges, I was able to set camber with ease. A finger nut holds on each camber gauge and all that’s left is to adjust the turnbuckles. The actual wrenches aren’t included with the set-up kit, so I used the 4mm turnbuckle wrench (HUD181040) from the limited tool set (shown above). This is much more accurate than using the quick camber gauges I usually use. Once you have the camber gauges mounted, setting toe is a breeze. Just slide the plastic toe gauge to the wheel you want to set and adjust the steering link to the desired degree of toe. I’m also using the set-up board (108201), sold separately, because a nice level surface is a must.

Tweak Station:
Setting up the tweak station is easy, just screw the three thumb screws into the bottom of the station, while using the level to sure everything up. Two thumb screws go into the stationary tweak bar and one goes into the rod. The floating tweak bar has the level and uses two sealed ball bearings that allow it to rotate on the rod. See the images below for the steps I used to set it up. Set-up took about 30-45 seconds.

When I first put the car on the tweak station, I could see by the level bubble, it was definitely tweaked. Adjusting one of the shocks leveled everything out and it’s good to go. That was easy.

Ride Height, Droop, & Balance:
The aluminum ride height gauge is simple to use as well as the droop gauges. All three gauges have a hole drilled in them, this will allow them to be strung together and worn around the neck, for instant access.

The two hollow droop blocks are also machined aluminum and are placed under the chassis when checking droop and setting down stops. There are two separate droop gauges, one that goes from -3 to 10 with whole number graduations, and an ultra fine tuning droop gauge that goes from 4 to 6.6 in 0.2 increments.

There’s no doubt these HUDY tools are high quality precision tools, and would make a great addition to an onroad 1/10th touring car pit box. I myself don’t race 1/10th touring cars, but after reviewing this set, I’m seriously thinking about getting back into 1/10th scale onroad racing. I’m glad I got them and will have to put them to good use. Keep in mind, the Limited edition tools set at the top of the article can be used for other platforms other than 1/10th onroad. I’ll be keeping them in my 1/10th buggy pit box for sure.