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Simon Kurzbuch chooses HUDY
In young age the kid lionizing his father who competes with RC cars taking his father’s RC car models and visualizing himself at a driver stand racing alongside the world class drivers. In age 10 the boy practices with his first 1/8 scale car to be later able to show his talent and in 2011 reach 1/8 nitro on-road finals. The driver whose desire for winning brought him to the World Championship title in 2015. The World Champion who throughout all that time uses HUDY to perfect his car to make dreams come true.

Simon comes from RC car family who taught him the core roles for being successful in RC racing are staying focused and prepared. „Nothing goes over perfection“, and because maintenance of the car is very important, therefore the choice of using HUDY equipment was clear for him. Simon knows that every set-up has to be perfectly settled, so a driver gets the right information during testing which at the end is a factor deciding whether he wins or loses.

And what are Simon’s favorite and must have products? „My favorite product is HUDY set-up system. I was 12 when my father bought me the setup system and it was an investment which was worth it. I was super excited! And the must have product is definitely the HUDY set-up tool set, it’s perfection from the beginning to the end.“

Simon Kurzbuch is HUDY