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Hupo Hönigl chooses HUDY
Do you know a guy who drives 1/10 electric off-road cars as good as 1/12 pan car? Do you know a guy who is European Champion in those categories? We do. It is Hubert Hönigl and he uses HUDY.

The guy born in Austria whose first contact with RC car was the same as most of the RC drivers, when he got a toy car in 1993. From this moment RC cars have been faithful for him and he looked for every chance to get to the real RC racing. Only one year after Hupo started with serious RC racing, learning everything about his RC cars on his own, using and working with no RC branded tools from a local do-it-yourself store. As Hupo aimed for higher goals the accessories and equipment became more and more specialized, he got his full set of HUDY tools with his name in 1998 which he has been using until today.

Even with the HUDY products you don’t have to be perfect. At the IIC in Las Vegas Hupo’s mechanic due to his inattention made a mistake and setup his front ride height much higher. Luckily this change worked perfectly and he could win his first IIC. As Hupo uses to say you need to have fun to do well at races. Despite this story Hupo knows tha the good preparation is crucial and to have a well set-up car is the line between win and loss. His question on why he chooses HUDY? “Because HUDY has every tool you need in super high quality.”

Hupo Hönigl is HUDY