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At the age of 7 this talented and the most famous RC girl got her first RC car. Only few months after that, she went with her father to her first real race – Nordic Championship. Up to now she has collected dozens of trophies including National titles & Junior European Championship title. During all this time Malin has been using HUDY products to keep reaching higher and higher goals.

When Malin started with RC racing, it was her father Bent who was taking care of her cars. At that time Bent was already racing and using HUDY set-up system and HUDY limited edition set of tools which caught eyes of young Malin and even now they are her favorite RC products. Bent has been helping Malin with setting up her buggies till now and thanks to good communication between him and Malin, they are able to prepare her cars to win races.

Malin learned that to be able to reach good results she needs team work and well setup car - one that feels comfortable while trying to push and go fast. Bearing this in her mind HUDY products are her only choice. „They are really comfortable to use and lightweight, look super nice with my name and everything. And the fact that you can change the tips (on HUDY tools) when they eventually wear out is really nice.“

Malin Karlsen is HUDY