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Alexander Hagberg chooses HUDY

The Swedish living in UK, the guy who is traveling around the globe to compete for podium at major international on-road races, the World Champion, European & Asian Champion Alexander Hagberg has been using HUDY tools & accessories since the first day of his racing career.

Alex’s racing career began in 1999. He started racing with electric touring cars at his local carpet track in Uppsala, Sweden. His talent and passion for the RC brought him to serious RC racing and in 2004 he attended his first international races DHI and European Championship. At that time he had been sponsored by his father and local distributor who had introduced him HUDY tools. Since that time HUDY brand has been the number one and the original manufacturer of RC tools for him.

For Alex success is very much related to repetition. Having the same set-up and maintenance procedure while preparing cars is for him one of the key factors to have a well handling and problem-free car while on the track. Alex, same as all successful racers in RC, has natural mechanical interests & passion to work on his cars. To make the most out of this passion are HUDY tools essential for him. “The ease of use, of course the quality, and the presentation of the parts – they simply make my pit and gear look great!”

Alexander Hagberg is HUDY