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#106232 HUDY Bearing Oil – Premium

• Promotes ultra-smooth operation
• HUDY’s own secret blend mixture
• Stable lubricant component
• Longer lifespan
• Super thin

High-quality HUDY Bearing Oil is used to lubricate bearings for ultra-smooth operation and long lifespan. This premium oil is HUDY’s own special blend that was created specifically for use in RC cars. The secret blend of oil features lubricating components that ensure strong lubricating film adherence even after carrier liquid evaporation. Very good for use on dusty tracks and carpet tracks to combat the effects of dust and carpet hair contamination. Super thin to promote quick penetration and fast coverage. Recommended for use immediately after bearing cleaning (e.g., with spray cleaner).

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Shake the bottle vigorously before use.
Note that sediments may sometimes accumulate at the bottom of the bottle, but this does not affect the quality or application of the oil. If you shake the bottle and sediments still remain, open the bottle, and mix the sediments with a clean tool pin. Reseal the bottle and shake vigorously again; repeat until sediments are mixed in.

This oil should be used only as an ADDITION to the original bearing oil. DO NOT dry the original bearing oil before you apply this oil. If your bearings become dry, first apply standard bearing oil, and then apply this additional bearing oil.